Sustainable Food Systems Talking Group Announcement

Calling all Foodies! Yes, you, the person who wants to know their food. 

You know that organic banana you’re munching come from Costa Rica, but do you know how it was produced?  Do you know how it was transported to your grocery? How about the cost breakdown of the 98 cents a pound you paid?

Join the Northwestern Sustainable Food Talks.  Our program’s mission is to strengthen our sustainable food systems network, our knowledge base, and find ways together to maximize our outreach.

Starting this winter quarter we will hold a monthly pot-luck talking group made up of students, faculty, staff, public, experts, and advocates.  Each meeting an expert from part of our food system will speak on their work, the issues they face, and how it affects our foodshed.

If you are a student, faculty or staff member and would like to join our planning committee please e-mail us at nusustainablefoodtalks@gmail.com 

For information about our first talking group meeting.  Stay posted to this blog!

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