May 1st Potluck: Agenda & Panelist Questions

6:00 – 6:20     Arrive, Fill Your Plate, Settle In

6:20 – 6:25     Welcome, Group Announcements 

6:25 – 6:35     Defining the Problem – Food Deserts in Chicago 
                        Daniel Block & Howard Rosing

6:35 – 7:25     Roundtable Panel Discussion - The Solution Makers in Chicago 

6:35 – 6:55      Panelist Introductions & Solutions 
1.     Introductions: Name, Title, Organization, Organization Mission
2.     Panelists Provide Overview of Their Solutions
a.     Organization’s Major Achievements 
b.     Current Objectives

6:55 – 7:25      Roundtable Discussion Questions 
1.     What role and relative importance do you see the fight against food deserts playing within the larger sustainable healthy/ good/ slow food movement?
2.     If food deserts are a symptom of a broken food system, what role should major 'industrial' groceries and convenience stores play in solving the problem? Or are they the problem?
3.     What role do you think the different levels of government (local, state, federal) and government policy should play in food desert issue? Funding and/or Legislation?
4.     How do you feel about the current Chicago administration using major corporate groceries and convenience stores to solve the problem verses giving the same incentives to smaller, locally owned businesses?
5.     Do you think the different groups involved in food desert issues are cooperating effectively, and what can be done to improve cooperation?
6.     What do you think needs to be done to convince the majority of the population that action needs to be taken against food deserts? What action can they take now?

7:25 – 7:35     Audience Q & A

7:35 – 7:40     Closing Remarks; Announcement of June Potluck, Planning Committee Dates 

7:40 - 8:00      Start of Networking

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