September 20 Potluck: Food & Kids K-12

Hi Folks,
For many people the school year has just began and with that comes round two of Food Talks.  We're working with a few local organizations to craft a potluck focusing on Food & Kids K-12 for Tuesday, September 20 from 6:00 to 8:00 at the Northwestern University Evanston Campus.

In October we're planning a tour of The Plant in Chicago and working to bring Wes King of the Illinois Stewardship Alliance to talk Know Before You Vote.  The food-centric Northwestern organizations campuses are in cahoots to bring you the best Food Day programming you've seen yet in celebration of the fabulous October 24.

For November, we'll bring in the end of Fall with a potluck featuring Robert Whittier (Northwestern University Director of Sustainability) and Steve Mangan (Sodexo Districit Manager).   They will give us the scoop on Northwestern's food buy and the plans for more sustainability in the campus' food service.

Your Co-Chairs

Tiffany Leighton Ozmina
Allison Potteiger
Thea Wilson

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