Follow Up: Developing a Sustainable Dining Program

Thank you to Northwestern's Director of Sustainability Rob Whittier and the nuCuisine Team, lead by Distrrict Manager Steve Mangan, for sharing the initiatives of the University to support a food system working to be environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.  From back of the house kitchen composting to the nuCuisine farm in Osseo, Wisconsin!  Thank you to Midwest Foods for sharing their story about how they are working with local farmers to put their beautiful produce into our Northwestern kitchens.

Next month, NU Food Talks will be bringing you a panel on Shared Kitchens.  Come learn the benefits and struggles of starting and running a food business in a shared kitchen.

Featured Business Success: Pasta Puttana, Kitchen Chicago

Featured Shared Kitchens: Kitchen Chicago, Now We're Cookin', From Scratch Marketplace
and Washburne Culinary Institute Incubator Kitchen

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